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Attention: Serious Email Marketers Hi. I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this then you’re serious about your email marketing. You know a good email can make the difference between a 3% and 13% click rate. You know you could be driving more sales if only you could find a copywriter who “gets it.” If that’s you, if you’re looking for a copywriter with a proven track record of writing high-quality emails that pull massive click rates, then click here to read more about me. Then decide if you think it makes sense to talk.


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“Josh Monen is a Top Notch provider of copywriting services! His vast understanding of small businesses and his ability to understand my vision and direction for my clients copywriting needs has put him on the top of my list for copywriting services. I am not a big fan of having to provide direction multiple times and needing to endure endless cycles of copywriting edits, hence my appreciation of Josh and his ability to hit a home run on copy without taking up a bunch of my time and focus. I seldom endorse people and I assure you that Josh Monen is a sound and safe choice when it comes to Conscientious and High Converting Copy.” Dobbin Buck

Senior Strategist / Director of Business Development, GetUWired Web Services

“If you are looking for someone who can understand your product, market, and customer quickly, then Josh Monen is your guy. Josh came highly recommended through a trusted business contact and we immediately hit it off. He is very humble and took the time to understand my needs and create high quality copy. That’s what’s important to me… someone who can understand my product quickly and turn out great copy! Anytime someone comes to me looking for copy, I always recommend Josh!” Cliff Worley

Chief Digital Officer, http://www.sharkbranding.com/

“I recently engaged Josh Monen to write my copy for our business email follow-up campaign, after attempting to write the email copy myself. Josh’s work ran rings around my attempts. I think when you are in your own business it is difficult to be objective and thus hiring a professional writer will ultimately be the best move. Josh’s writing is exactly what I was looking for: he quickly showed an understanding of our business, he reiterated this in an engaging way and has provided value-add to our clients. In addition Josh’s professionalism was outstanding. I would recommend Josh to anyone needing the services of a professional business copy writer. Thanks for the great work Josh!” Kathy Moran

Director/Owner, 1 Minute Media


WARNING: Good Writing Kills The Sales and Profits In Your Business

“There is little sales value in fine writing. It is what you say that counts, not how you say it. A valid argument presented in blunt language will sway the reader more than a less valid argument beautifully presented.” — John Caples, Tested Advertising Methods, (p. 27) Let’s get one thing clear before we get started: the purpose of copywriting is to produce results. If you agree, then continue reading. But if you think copywriting is about being creative, clever or expressing yourself then stop right now.

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Book Review: “My Life in Advertising” by Claude Hopkins

I recently finished reading My Life in Advertising by Claude Hopkins. Hopkins is recognized as one of the “founding fathers” of modern advertising. Although this book was written over 85 years ago it contains important lessons for those of us doing business in the twenty-first century. Hopkins was hired by Albert Lasker, owner of Lord & Thomas advertising at a salary of $185,000 a year. That’s a good salary, right? Well, that was in 1907. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics that’s the equivalent of roughly $4.2 million in today’s money. Why would an ad agency pay one man $4.2 million a year? After you read this book you’ll understand the reason why. And if you don’t have time to read the book right now you’ll find some of my favorite quotes below. On Higher Education “To poverty I owe the fact that I never went to college. I spent those four years in the school of experience instead of a school of theory. I know nothing of value which an advertising man can be taught in college. I know of many things taught there which he will need to unlearn before he can steer any practical course. Then higher education appears to me a handicap to a man whose lifetime work consisted in appealing to common people. Of course we had no advertising courses in my school days, no courses in salesmanship or journalism. I am sure it would be better if we did not have them now. I have read some of those courses. They were so misleading, so impractical, that they exasperated me. Once a man brought... read more

How To Use Email Marketing Effectively (Without Being a Spammer)

Email is one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow your business. Even today it continues to outperform social media as the marketing tool of choice by savvy business owners. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing gets a $51 return for every $1 spent on it. And when you think about it you can see why. Imagine you have a list of 50,000 people who have asked you to email them on a regular basis. And let’s say you have a $47 digital product you’d like to sell. if only 20% of your list opens your email… and out of those, only 5% make a purchase… you’ve still sold $23,500 worth of your product as a result of that ONE email. Without a list of your own you would be forced to market your product like everyone. And this applies not only to businesses who sell products online but also to restaurants, dental offices or anyone else who has a product or service to sell.   So How Do You Do Email Marketing Without Becoming A Spammer? That’s a common question I get when I deliver my Email Marketing 101 presentation to business owners. And my answer is shockingly simple… “Don’t be a spammer.” Not rocket science, right? If you don’t want to be rude, annoying or intrusive then DON’T BE! Instead, provide valuable, relative content to your reader and ALWAYS use an opt-in form to get their permission before sending email. I’m still surprised at the amount of business owners who ignorantly spam people with email. I say, “ignorant” because after I talk with them... read more