Why A Copywriter?

Hi there, I know you're busy so I'll keep this brief. As a fellow business owner I know how important it is to implement an effective marketing plan. You don't have money to waste on every new shiny thing out there. That's where I come in. If you call me you'll learn the best way to grow your business while saving money on marketing in the long run. You need a guide not the next shiny thing. Call me today at 360-852-2981 and find out how I can save you time and make you more money.

What People Say About Josh

“I never knew someone who had such a gift for words that sell, than Joshua. The ads and copy he creates are like an artist creating an exceptional painting. He creates the same emotion in his copy that brings a prospect to the point of purchasing the product you offer. The critical difference between what Joshua does and other ads you might have seen, is that his is Direct Responsive. He creates copy that makes a prospect contact you.

I would recommend anyone who wants to take their business to the next level, to contact Joshua and see how he can help your business grow.”

-- Ken Varga, CEO of Creating Customers, LLC

“Josh helped us write copy for a letter that went out asking for donations for our annual auction. Donations started coming in right away and came from businesses that had not donated in a long time. Josh added that extra appeal that we did not have in the past. Thank you, Josh. With your help we just might make this our best ROCKSOLID auction ever!”

-- Nancy Miller, Director of RockSolid

“Working with Josh was the best decision we made when developing our new website.  After spending about an hour with him on the phone, he got our entire website concept and was able to clearly articulate “our story” precisely how we were looking to do it – the content, the tone of voice, everything.  It’s as if he was a part of our company and our culture.

We continue to work with Josh on a monthly basis, and the material he has written for us has saved us valuable time, it’s helped several of our team members learn more about blogging and social media communication, and it’s remained consistent to our message and brand.  His work is timely, accurate, and impactful – in short, it’s everything we’re looking for in a partner.”

-- Mary Fran Mullan, Senior VP/Director of Insurance Operations at Lanier Upshaw, Inc.

I had been dreaming and contemplating for years about putting my thoughts and experience in a brochure form for my business. First, thereʼs the “biggie” cost involved, then designing something that will reflect “me.” Will I be happy with the end result?

After several attempts to design my own and bribe anyone with computer skills to help me, it became quite clear that, THIS IS WHY WE PAY THE PROFESSIONALS!

Josh Monen is a professional! He listened to my ideas and provided me with great information such as, the need for a logo design (which I now use on all my advertising).

Josh is business minded, with incredible insight and creative talent, which produced a beautiful, informative and eye catching brochure that reflects “me.”

-- Diane Warren, Owner of Fine Lines