Why Josh?

Before I was a full-time copywriter/marketer I was a marketing manager at a software company. So I know how hard it is to find the right people. It’s hard because every copywriter and marketer has unique strengths and weaknesses. And you usually don’t discover what those are until after you’ve hired them. So I want to share five of my strengths. Then you can decide if it makes sense for us to talk.

Proven Track Record

There’s a reason why so many successful entrepreneurs, authors and marketing managers call me their “go-to copywriter.” I have a proven track record of writing copy and creating campaigns that get results. It’s likely I’ve done something similar to the project you have in mind. And I can provide helpful advice based on my experience. Click here to read what others say about me.

I Specialize in Direct Response

My area of expertise is direct response marketing. My writing is designed to get people to act. When I write I speak to the heart, not the mind. Because sales is driven by emotions. I learned from the best. From copywriting legends like: Eugene Schwartz, Claude Hopkins, Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, etc. I’ve also had some great copywriting, marketing and business mentors. Click here to read more about my views on copywriting.

I Go Deeper Than Most

Effective copy has less to do with writing and more to do with research. And I’m a natural researcher. Before I start writing – or even think about writing – I learn all I can about a subject. I read books, listen to podcasts, and interview experts. I become obsessed with my topic. My clients tell me how impressed they are with my ability to master their product, service and market quickly.

I Balance the Big Picture with Details

My clients and colleagues know me as the guy who’s great at balancing the big picture with the details. This means I can brainstorm with you on the whiteboard but also implement ideas. Not every copywriter and marketer is like this. Some focus exclusively on strategy – they like to “consult” without getting their hands dirty. Others just want to write copy 100% of the time. I’m good at both. The ideas I share with you are powerful because I can make them real.

I Keep My Ego in Check

Copywriters tend to have a reputation for big egos. However, that’s not the case with me. While I’m confident in my ability to get results I also know I have a lot to learn. I don’t have to be the smartest guy in the room. And I’m not scared of things I don’t know. This allows me to weave “best practices” – and everything experience has taught me – with new creative solutions. Click the sticky note below if you have a project in mind you’d like to discuss. I’m happy to have a 15-minute call with you to find out if we’d be a good fit to work together.To see my samples click here. To hear what others say about me click here. To see a list of my services click here.