Webinar Promo Emails
  • Daymond John’s “Chat with the Shark” Webinar (PDF)
  • Agency Revolution Webinar (Generated 905 leads with these emails) (PDF)
  • Emails for Rory Vaden’s book launch, Procrastinate on Purpose (PDF)
Email Courses
  • Mobile Marketing Email Course (Part of a 10-Part Course) (PDF)
  • 10X Academy email for Brian Tracy & Michael Jans (Part of a 10-Part Course) (PDF)
  • Email Course for krieger + söhne (7-Part Email Course) (PDF)
Outbound Emails
  • High-level prospecting email for Dmitry Aksenov (founder of FinGenius) (PDF)
  • Outbound Freelance Copywriting Email (36% response rate) (PDF)
  • Prospecting email for JustSayin (London based software company) (PDF)
Long-Term Nurture Emails
  • Long-term nurture emails for 1MinuteMedia (Australia-Based) (PDF)
  • Long-term nurture emails for ITPro.TV (PDF)
  • Long-term nurture emails for Battle Ground HealthCare (PDF)