Fractional CMO

One of your primary jobs as the leader of your company is to get, “The right people in the right seats on the bus,” as Jim Collins says. If you believe that, then you must ask yourself: “Do I have the right person in the ‘marketing seat’?”

Maybe you’ve had to fill that seat up to this point but realize you don’t have the bandwidth to properly lead your marketing team. Or maybe you’ve tried to delegate this to an agency only to find out that they actually can’t “do it all” and you know you need to bring more of your marketing in-house.

You could hire a CMO, but according to the average rate in my area (Austin) is $343,400/year. Sure, Austin is higher – but even in other areas it’s usually over $250,000 + benefits. Which is why hiring a Fractional CMO makes a lot of sense.

As your Fractional CMO I would be the one to set marketing goals, prioritize projects, oversee execution of campaigns, lead your marketing team, and ensure your data tracking is not only set up properly, but that we’re actually hitting our key metrics every quarter. If you’d like to learn more, book a Discovery Call with me so we can talk.

Marketing Strategy

If you feel like something is off with your marketing there’s a good chance the root cause is related to your strategy, or lack thereof. Most businesses never take the time to clearly define their master strategy so they become reactive and tactical.

However, once you get clear on your strategy you’ll be able to create plans that align with your desired outcome. You’ll become hyper-focused on the 20% of marketing that produces 80% of your results. Your team will feel energized as they rally around your vision. And marketing becomes fun again as you start to stack up win after win.

I can help you create your marketing strategy if you don’t have one – or refine it if you need to upgrade it. This is high-level work that requires deep thinking and full focus. Therefore, I only do these engagements in-person. You would fly into Austin and we will spend 2 days mapping this out in a beautiful, professional office setting. These engagements start at $10,000. For more info, schedule a Discovery Call to see if this may be right for you.

Key Message Copy

This is a project where I would work closely with you to help develop your key messaging for your business. This is where we answer all the critical questions needed to craft compelling, persuasive copy. This would also give you clarity on exactly WHO you serve, WHY you’re different and WHAT you offer to your target market. We would meet 3 times over zoom where I would interview you and then get that transcribed. I will also have questions for you to answer after our zoom calls. The final deliverable would be a master messaging document that includes:

  • Industry overview
  • Target audience descriptions
  • Target audience key challenges
  • Positioning statements (short, medium and long versions)
  • Key differentiators
  • Messaging pillars
  • Value props
  • Benefits statements per pillar
  • Proof points

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