Email Copywriting

If you’re looking for a copywriter who specializes in email marketing then you’re in the right spot. Whether I’m writing email copy for clients like Daymond John from Shark Tank or for a B2B software company, I’m always focused on delivering powerful results that impact the bottom line.


But instead of telling you how great I think I am (which is always awkward) I’d like to share what some of my clients say about my email copy:

What Others Say About My Email Copywriting

“If you are looking for someone who can understand your product, market, and customer quickly, the Josh Monen is your guy. When I met Josh he came highly recommended through a trusted business contact and we immediately hit it off. Josh is very humble and took the time to understand my needs and create copy from me in a short period. That’s what’s important to me. Someone who can understand my product quickly and turn out great copy even faster. I always recommend Josh whenever someone comes to me looking for copy. Highly recommend!”


Cliff Worley

Chief Digital Officer for Daymond John , Shark Branding

“Josh Monen is a Top Notch provider of copywriting services! He is quick to understand in technical terms your message, but also is a master at capturing the proper essence of the message. Another reason why I like to work with Josh is that he is very knowledgeable about writing effective copy for Automated Sales Funnels and campaigns. I seldom endorse people and I assure you that Josh Monen is a sound and safe choice when it comes to Conscientious and High Converting Copy.”


Dobbin Buck

Senior Strategist, GetUWired Web Services.

“Working with Josh is like watching an orchestra conductor craft a beautiful sound, but with words. A vigorous researcher, you can give Josh broad direction, and he will frame your message with words that convert to sales.”
Brian Creager

Founder, krieger + söhne

Email Campaigns I Can Write

Here’s a sample of some of the popular email camapaigns I can help you write. In addition to writing the actual copy I can also help you plan out the campaign. My clients tell me they’re impressed with my ability to balance the big picture view with the important details:

  • Lead Nurture Campaign
  • Webinar Campaign
  • Welcome Campaign
  • Product Launch Campaign
  • Referral Campaign
  • Cross-Sell Campaign
  • Online Review Campaign
  • Email Prospecting Campaign
  • Strategic Partner Development Campaign



Q: How do you price your services?
A: I either work on a monthly retainer or do project-based work. If it’s project-based then I will ask you a series of questions during the 15-minute Discovery Call so I can give you a ballpark estimate for rates. If that’s within your budget I then send you over a short questionnaire to complete. Once I have your answers I’ll respond with a firm proposal.

Q: Do you use plain-text or HTML emails?
A: It depends on the project. However, most the time I find plain-text emails work the best. And if design, long copy is needed then it’s usually best to let the landing page do the “heavy lifting.”

Q: Can you implement these emails into my marketing automation software?
A: Not me personally. But I have a great team of virtual assistants who can handle this aspect of the project. We would just build that into the proposal.


“I’m Interested… What’s the Next Step”

If you’re interested, the next step would be for you to book a 15-minute Discovery Call with me by clicking below: