Email or E-mail? What’s the Verdict?

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email spelled on keyboard

Wow. I just did some quick research using Google Ad Words and discovered each month there are 185,000,000 searches for “email or e-mail”. Apparently I wasn’t the only one curious about how to write email (or is it e-mail?).

So which is it? The traditional e-mail or is it now email without the hyphen? Well all you minimalist will be happy to know the proper way to write “electronic mail” is now email. I don’t know about you but it’s little things like this that make me happy. One less key to type in my busy life.

Who Makes the Rules?

No it’s not the elders of Google. One of the organizations who “make the rules” regarding proper usage of the English language are the folks at Associated Press (AP) Stylebook. And they don’t really make the rules, they just provide something called the AP Stylebook which is a guide for much of the news media.

So I’m wondering will all those 185 million people get the memo?

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