Kindle Review: 7 Reasons to Buy One

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“Oh wow, is that one of those new Kindles? How do you like it?”

I’ve been asked that at least a dozen times since I got my Kindle six months ago. Apparently people are curious about these trendy little reading devices. I gladly explain to each curious person exactly why I love my Kindle and by the time I’m done I realize I sound like an Amazon sales rep. I assure you, I do not work for Amazon nor do I have any financial affiliation with them.

I just really like my Kindle and I’ll tell you why.

7 Reasons Why You will Love the Kindle:

1. E Ink Screen Technology

Amazon created a screen that looks just like ink on paper. The Kindle’s screen is not an LCD screen which means it is not constantly refreshing like computer monitors or iPads do. What this means to you is a more relaxed and enjoyable reading experience for you and your eyes.

2. Free 3G Wireless and Built-In Wi-Fi

When you buy a Kindle you get free, unlimited access to Sprint’s powerful 3G network. Although the Kindle is not intended to be used to browse the Internet it does have some limited features. I checked my Facebook but it took me about three minutes (which felt like an eternity) to login.

3. Read Blogs for Free

Would you like to read your favorite blogs anytime for free? Now you can. There is a way to read blogs on the Kindle without purchasing them through Amazon. If you’re interested in finding out how-to do this click here. And yes, this is legal.

4. Carry It In Your Pocket

Do you hate waiting in lines at the DMV or the grocery store? Well now instead of checking your phone for the tenth time to see if you have any new text messages you can be productive with your time by carrying your Kindle. Mine fits nice and snug in my front coat pocket for easy access.

5. Instant Access to Amazon’s Bookstore (Books are Cheaper Too)

When you buy a Kindle you get instant access to over 950,000 titles. The Kindle Store has one of the largest selections of ebooks available today including New York Times® Best Sellers and most new releases from $9.99.

6. Highlighting and Bookmarks

Some people prefer physical books because they like to make notes and highlight. Well now you can make notes and highlight your ebooks with the Kindle. It’s easy to do. You just click a button, scroll until you’re done and then click a button again. It’s just as fast as real highlighting would take. Notes are easy to make too.

7. Amazon’s Customer Service

I don’t like to admit this but I’ve already broken two Kindles. I would like to say it’s because they’re flimsy but they’re not. Truth be known – it’s user error. I put my first Kindle in my back pocket and then sat down to tie my shoes. Bad idea. I bent the Kindle in half almost completely splitting it apart.

The second time I put it in my backpack with my laptop and books. I brought my backpack in the house from the back seat of my car to discover the screen was damaged. I know. I need to take better care of it -I do now. But when I called Amazon here is what I experienced both times.

Each time I reached a live person quickly. They were friendly and helpful. The very next day a new Kindle was waiting for me, in a UPS box, on my front porch. Yes, even though it was not their fault, they overnighted a new Kindle to me. All I had to do was mail my “defective” one back – and they even paid for the shipping on it!

The Kindle is now selling for only $164. What are you waiting for?

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