Why I Follow PerkStreet, Not Wells Fargo, on Twitter

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Why would I? Why would you?

I withdrew money from a Wells Fargo ATM last week and a message popped up telling me to follow Wells Fargo on Twitter. No.  I have absolutely no desire to look up WF and follow them. Sorry guys, you’re OK (been a loyal customer for 10+ years) but you’re not unique enough to make me want to follow you. But PerkStreet on the other hand…

Perkstreet Gets It

PerkStreet is an online bank I joined last year. I joined because of the positive reviews I read by financial bloggers. And I decided I wanted to follow them on Twitter. They didn’t have to tell me. I want to follow them because they have interesting articles on their blog. They also have something called 5% PowerPerks where you get cash back at select retailers. This month they chose Ben & Jerry’s, Dairy Queen, Cold Stone, Old Navy, and movie tickets.

PerkStreet gave me (and 2,153 other people) a reason to follow them. Wells Fargo did not.

Lesson: give your customers a reason (benefits not features) why they should follow you.


Write before I wrote this entry I went through the drive-thru at Wells Fargo. I told the lady I needed to make a withdrawal. Half-way through our transaction I remembered I also needed to deposit a check. She stopped everything, looked at me and told me I would have to go inside for that since those are multiple (2) transactions. She also said, “And you should have the slips filled out before coming through the drive-thru.”

Wow. And you wonder why I don’t follow you on Twitter. As soon as PerkStreet comes out with the app where you can just scan your check and deposit it I am leaving WF.

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